Travel Coaching 



As travel coaches, we are not travel agents. We are travel facilitators, meaning that we are here to make your lives as travelers a lot easier. We’ll do research based on what you ask us. More importantly, we can teach you how this was done so that you learn valuable travel skills for the future, which will save you money, time and hassle. We are an intermediate between you and what travel offers:  we work with you to draw out of you new travel ideas, We search for awesome confidential travel deals, original travel experiences, and clever alternative itineraries. We are there to make sure you get the travel experience that fits U the best. – TravelingU

Your Trip… Your Choice

Investing a Little Now Will Help You Save Thousands On Your Next Trip



Sometimes you’re just stuck. You’ve read our books or you’ve taken our class but there is just one or two things you need help with.

Hourly couching is the perfect choice. We bill you only for the time we work on your adventure. You direct where that time is spent and you are in charge of the limits, and make it work for your budget. From research to phone calls we will get you over the hump that often means the difference between a good trip and an adventure that changes everything about you.

Trip Ready

$ 1000-2000/trip

One on one sessions walking you through everything you need to be out the door on the trip you’ve always wanted. Here we will discover your goals, your budget, how many people and your destinations. Then a detailed plan is presented as to how many sessions are going to be needed, who does what by when and general suggestions on a starting point itinerary.

Here you leverage our vast experience and resources to tailor everything to your needs and wants. We walk you through our trick and tips and you are able to learn for future trips. When we bill hourly, we will do a lot of the work for you. Here we focus on how we do it, teaching you so this doesn’t become a once in a lifetime adventure but a life of adventures.

Level One Rate: $1000.00
Level Two Rate: $1500.00
Level Three Rate: $2000.00

Custom Coaching

$  Custom Pricing

Custom Coaching is everything else. We can coach you on how to become a travel coach yourself, how to become a host for tours, or how to organize large groups for cruises or other amazing adventures.

Maybe you want to become a travel writer. If you have a dream, we would love to coach you into making it a reality. We are certified life coaches who have transitioned that knowledge into travel. We love helping others achieve their dreams.

Are you a family who wants to travel and have amazing experiences, incorporating learning and/or humanitarian opportunities? We will help you plan the perfect trip and for your children, the learning will begin the moment we start planning. The adventure will last a lifetime! We will teach you how to plan and execute memories and learning that will change your life and the lives of your children forever.

Perhaps you have always dreamt about taking an amazing travel adventure and you would like someone to help plan and be your tour guide. Anything is possible!

IMG_3443Who We Are

We have had the privilege of traveling the world. We have been to over 30 counties and for the most part have done it with our children in tow. We have, through our experience and travel books, become the family travel experts, especially when it come to traveling with a family inexpensively.

We have, over the past 15 years, learned invaluable lessons and experience that we bring to our clients. We understand your fears, your excitement and your trepidation in venturing out into the world and trying to make sense of the travel industry.

We have figured it out, we know the tricks to getting free or nearly free airfare. We can walk you through the complexity of home exchange, hospitality exchange and how to even supplement your travels while you are away.

More than that we turn a mere vacation into an adventure you will remember for a lifetime. No longer will you say, “We’ve been there… bought the t-shirt” but rather you will say, “Our lives were changed through the experience and people we met”

If this interests you… Join us, let us help you today