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Speaking Topics:

Incorporating Travel into Your Families Education 
Theme: Finding greater understanding of how history comes to life. Experience the sights, smells, tastes of the world you are learning about. 
Objective: To inspire a love of learning, particularly with regards to history. Learn about the French Revolutionary War, then go on a field trip and see the places, feel the experience. Learn of the Medici’s, then explore Tuscany, taste, and drink in the history of a time when art and science merged for a brief time to provide us some of the most incredible sculptures and inventions of all time. 
Suggested Audiences: Educators, Parents, Parent Groups and History Groups 
Length: 30-60 minutes (Variable)

Incorporating Humanitarian Efforts into Travel
Theme: promoting the joy of making a difference in the world through service and contribution. 
Objective: To promote travelers to give back to their vacation destination and to find greater joy through service.
Suggested Audience: Educators, Parents, Parent Groups, Charities, Hospitals, Volunteer Organizations
Length: 20-60 minutes (Variable)

Day Trips, Staying Close to Home 
Theme: Traveling tips for the local traveler. 
Objective: To gain a greater appreciation of what is close at hand. Understanding the vast cultures and activities in your own backyard. 
Suggested Audiences: Tourist Agencies, Local Government, Educators, Parents, Parent Groups
Length: 35-60 minutes (Variable)

What people say about our book and seminars:

“Have Kids – Will Travel, for us is an answered prayer and dream come true… I found it to be a fascinating read, chock-full of little-known travel secrets and tips… A million thanks to Dale and his family for sharing these fabulous and insightful travel secrets.”

Debbie Rose

“YOU HAVE GREATLY INSPIRED US! We had planned to travel the world beginning when our daughter turned 9. This has given us the opportunity to bump that age up. We are already in the works of planning a trip to the East Coast next year. We are using our flight Credit Card to pay our mortgage, groceries, etc. on. Of course, we immediately send money to pay it off. Thanks so much for your inspiration and wonderful advice. You have literally made our dreams come true!”;

The Miller Family, New Mexico

“THANK YOU so much for writing your book! I ordered it and received it yesterday in the mail. My husband and I are planning a trip to Scotland next year to visit his family and celebrate his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We are taking our four kids with us and were in despair over the ticket prices. My husband had planned to order the tickets online last night after work. I got “Have Kids Will Travel” in the mail yesterday afternoon, read it, and then asked my husband to wait until after midnight to check the prices of the flights again. We searched on like you suggested. We saved $2600! I couldn’t believe it!”

“Thank you so much! We are now busy planning our 17-day vacation and can’t wait to get there!”

Rochelle Keogh, Arkansas

“Thank you! I just booked our first family trip to Washington, D.C. using our free ticket through the airline miles and points program and the cheaper than-half-price-companion tickets that came when we enrolled. I had the reservations assistant check 3 times for cheaper fares and our whole family is now going for less than half the cost of ONE regular fare. I am a stay-at-home mom and we have a struggling home-based business, and yet we have traveled more this summer than anyone else I know! Being together and seeing the world is what life is really about. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Syfritt Family

Some of our past conferences and speaking engagements: 
The Women’s Information Network, Richard Paul Evans – The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught me about Life and Wealth, The Women’s Financial Seminar, Utah League of Cities and Towns, American Mothers, Public Library – meet the Author, Utah Home Education Association, Washington Homeschool Organization, Arizona Families for Home Education State Homeschool Convention, California Homeschool Network, InHome Conference, Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators, Nevada Homeschool Network, The Good and the Beautiful Homeschooling Conference (Jenny Phillips) and more

They have also appeared as the ‘Travel Experts’ on many TV and radio programs across the US.