Create Your Travel Vision

Connecting Life with Travel is more than a tagline. It is why we created  TravelingU. At its a core, it connects not only cultures and people but creates that inner desire to see the world in a different and more meaningful way. Travel, when looked at in a completely different way than just vacationing, is what makes this connection. Life isn’t just about us, it is about those who come in and out of our lives and whose life we might touch in ways that are sometimes never seen, but often felt. When you do this, things change.

For nearly 20 years we have explored this world, traveling to nearly 40 counties. To some that might not seem like a lot, to others, that might seem impossible. We’ve learned a great deal from our travels, about society, about life. The part of travel that has most changed our life is when we stopped seeing our trips as a mear vacation, but rather as an experience. It helped create a vision deep inside us, that has profoundly changed our lives and the lives of our family.

It is a vision that celebrates the good in this world, it is an attitude of how we should see the world, a perspective that lives at the core of a true traveler. A vision so simple, yet so profound and a vision we would love to have you become a part of. Maybe it is one you will embrace, or just maybe it will be the catalyst for you to create a whole new one.

Our experience is your key to unlocking your travel vision. We have several ways to help you do just that below. Click on the links, get your passport ready and hang on for some amazing adventures

Traveling The World

The vast majority of people wish they could travel more, over 54% of Americans have never traveled outside the United States, and 35% of Americans admit they do not have a passport.We have a feeling you are not one of these people. Like us, we are sure that you would love to discover how to create a vision of the world that molds your perception and use that perception of the world to change your reality.

It is this kind of vision that every traveler, or wanderer in this world should and must have to see this world for what it truly is. Do you have a travel vision? A vision that, every trip you go on you say, “yes, that is why I went on this trip”. “This is what we were supposed to get by coming here”. Because when the vision is clear, the passion and creativity is there as well. You no longer look for excuses of why you can’t travel, but rather travel now finds you and opportunities to travel will come in ways you never imagine.

How TravelingU Can Help With Your Travel Vision…

Often it is money, or you might being overwhelmed with so much information you have no idea where to start. Hopefully these ideas will get you started in the right direction.

What Kind of Traveler Are U?

Family Traveler

Here is where our years of experience of traveling the world with our kids in tow will help. Start with our book ‘Have Kids – Will Travel’ or take our Course of the same name. This is also where Travel Coaching can help.

Solo Traveler

If your are a first time solo traveler you can feel a bit like a fish out of water. You may want to start with our book, ‘Amazing Travel – Incredibly Cheap’ available on Amazon. Until then, go through our blogs or travel tips or better yet this is where you may want to use our Travel Coaching options. Tours are also a great idea for the solo traveler. Check out out trips and then extend your time there by yourself after you feel more comfortable.

Group Traveler

whether you’re are a first time solo traveler or experienced couple or family, many love the idea of traveling with others. Either people they already know or with strangers who soon become life long friends. You talk about ways to connect, this is amazing. Check out our Tours page and find not only amazing tours but you will be traveling with us and you will be surprised with the little bonuses we create for you to interact and get to know the locals.

Long-Term Traveler

Many want to get away from it all for a while. One of the newest chapters in our book, ‘Amazing Travel – Incredibly Cheap’ teaches you how to travel abroad for months at a time. This is the best way to see all the things you want and get the true feeling of living in another country. Earn money by renting your home while you are gone, or through online blogging and YouTube. There are so many ways to make this dream a reality.